PlastisolyIn our own laboratory and engineering facilities our company manufactures and develops plastic pastes PVC Plastisols for our partner companies. Our customers can make a selection based on their own specific requirements; the requirements may be specifically set based on the customers’ choice of:

Plastisol Processing Conditions

Plastisol is processed at temperatures of 170 °C and above, up to 200 °C. The manufacturing premises for the processing – gelatination conform to all applicable regulations and standards of modern production. Storage, transportation and packaging of supplied Plastisols.

Our products are supplied in plastic or metal packaging of up to 1,200 kg. Plastisols may not be exposed to solar radiation, they may not be exposed to frost or stored near a source of heat or fire.


We guarantee our products for 3 months from the manufacture date when kept at storage temperature between 5 °C and 30 °C.


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