Plastic Coated Sheet Metals

We manufacture and develop plastic coated sheet metals and profiles intended for waterproofing of structures and roof system solutions, shipping boxes and pallets for packaging and shipping systems. ROOFPLAN, FLEXOPLAN, Plastic coated sheet metal profiles

Plastic Coating of Parts and Machine Components

We manufacture and develop plastic protective coatings and layers for machine components and parts. To this end we utilize dip coating and fluidized powder coating technologies.

PVC Plastisols

We manufacture and develop PVC Plastisols based on our clients’ requirements and specification.





The Company of BSL industrie a.s. offers plastic coating of industrial machine parts and different components, and develops and produces plastic protective coatings and layers, plastic caps and plastic coating of metal parts based on customer requirements using dip coating (PVC Plastisols), fluidized powder coating (PE, PA) and spray plastic coating technologies.



BSL Industrie a.s.
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